"The Big day"

The Big day is here... the venue is ready, Guests are on their way, the bride is stepping into her dress whilst .... England are playing New Zealand in the world cup.

Bit of a different start to this couples big day, instead of heading to snap some pics of the bride, I was heading to see the groom. Karl was watching the rugby with his brother and even though it was raining Becky and Karl didn't let it spoil their day one little bit.

One thing I love about De Vere Tortworth Court is their Orangery. Come rain or shine it has so much natural lighting that even if it is raining you can't tell. For me as soon as I walk into a room I look for natural lighting as it brings out the best photos.

Becky and Karl had an Engagement shoot with me so they were all ready to go when it came for the photos. As soon as we spotted a bit of a break in the clouds, we ran out and smashed out a 15 minute photo shoot and got some beautiful shots. These guys were so good at following directions so we got the photos done and got back to the party, so they didn't miss too much of their wedding day celebrations.

A big challenge as a wedding photographer is to make couples feel relaxed on their day. I love to give couples activities as it takes their minds away from the camera and on to each other. One thing I say to any couple is if you feel nervous about your photo being taken is just look at your partner in the eye and if that fails go in for the kiss. This will bring a smile to your face and you get a cheeky kiss.

Please have a scroll through some of Becky and Karl's photos, to see how I capture the couples big day. If you are looking to book, please get in touch by contacting me through my page.

I look forward to hearing from you.